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First Event in the North Carolina Governor's Cup

Of the seven villages on Hatteras Island, Hatteras Village is unique because in the early sixties, the residents recognized the needs of the community and bonded together to get things done.  The Hatteras Village Civic Association is the result of this community’s willingness to work together and take care of each other.  

Incorporated in 1965, the HVCA is a non-profit agency representing the community.  Its initial projects were to facilitate the building of a new post office and lead the effort to establish a medical center staffed with a full-time physician.  After the accomplishment of those goals, the association built the community building, located in the center of the village adjoining the post office.  This building houses a branch of the Dare County Library and provided meeting areas and classrooms for use by the villagers.

Over the years, the association added community-oriented programs that are funded by events it sponsors.  Currently it offers college scholarships to village residents.  In addition, the group financially supports Hatteras Island Adult Care, which provides meals for homebound islanders, the Methodist Men’s Group Food Pantry, the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation and various other non-profit ventures.  In 1996, the association donated a new computer system for public use at the Hatteras Library.  One of the proudest achievements was the establishment of a separate organization for building the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum.

The funds used to support and provide all of these things come from various fundraisers during the course of the year.  The Hatteras Village Offshore Open is one of the more significant of these events.  The captains of the charter fleet that has formed over the years decided that they would like to establish a tournament of their own.  In 1994, the Hatteras Captains approached the Hatteras Village Civic Association and the HVOO was born.  What has evolved is a unique tournament that enjoys the full support of the community, local captains and fishermen, as well as others who come for the excellent fishing found in Hatteras waters.

Diligent planning, community involvement and a growing list of sponsors have guided the event from 25 boats and a top prize of $3000 in 1995 to an event which has seen the entries grow to 64 boats with a total prize payout of $144,000.  All proceeds from the tournament are given to the Hatteras Village Civic Association for charitable causes within the community.

The opening event of the North Carolina Governors Cup Series, the Hatteras Village Offshore Open is now in its second decade.  In 2006, the tournament went to a 3 out of 4 day fishing format to hopefully combat some of that “Hatteras wind”.  Each evening during the tournament, social events are scheduled during which participants are treated to refreshments that include food and drink.  Starting off with a barbeque dinner at the Captain’s meeting on registration night, tournament participants are treated to two more evenings of great food and fun.  Thursday night is one of the premier events, the “Taste of the Village”.  Local restaurants and specialty shops offer tantalizing samples of their wares.  The tournament ends Saturday night with an awards banquet.  A complete dinner is served for all participants and the evening ends with a live auction with great buys among the wide variety of items that have been donated by local businesses and sponsors.  

Come join us and see for yourself what a good time can be had by fishing the HVOO.  You will be supporting a charitable cause and experiencing great fishing at the same time.

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