Hatteras Village is located on Hatteras Island, one in a chain of islands on the North Carolina coast comprising the famous Outer Banks.  Since arriving here in the 1700s, the people of Hatteras have depended on the natural environment for their livelihood.  Evolving from a small commercial fishing village to a major Gulf Stream sportfishing attraction, Hatteras continues to rely on its fertile fishing grounds to support its economy.  Surrounded by this gift of nature, Hatteras Village today is a world famous tourist attraction with a unique history and culture.  Her pristine beaches and waterways  provide the perfect backdrop for any vacationer's dream.

Two important trails transect the Village....one is The Outer Banks Scenic Byway.

Centered around a rich village culture, the Outer Banks Scenic Byway is a must for any traveler looking to escape to a time of front porch talks and simple maritime living.   On the byway at Hatteras Island, a “beach vacation” landscape with outstanding recreation, there are seven villages surrounded by national seashore of which this village is one. Historic settlement patterns are visible in ancient live oaks, harbors, old houses, family cemeteries, simple churches, family stores, fish houses, and 19th-century life-saving stations.

The other trail is A Civil War Trail which is part of a national network that commemorates that tragic time in our Nation’s history.

On August 28, 1861, the residents of Hatteras Village awakened to the sight of a large Federal fleet anchored off their coast. At about 10 a.m. the peaceful and tranquil life of Hatteras Village was shattered by the sound of the large naval guns of a Union fleet firing on two Confederate forts which were under construction at Hatteras Inlet. Forts Hatteras and Clark were relatively small earthwork forts, constructed by slave labor and made of brush, sand, lumber and peat. John Rollinson, a local resident of Hatteras Island at the time, wrote in his journal that the Confederate soldiers first arrived at Hatteras on May 9, 1861, one month after the Civil War began. Several months later it fell to Union forces.

In 1948, a regional newspaper, The Coastland Times, published an article praising the unspoiled nature of Hatteras Village, noting that "the little town is built on no general lines”. As the article stated, Hatteras developed slowly over time, with no plat, no lots neatly laid out, and no grid plan. Today, the roads weave and wander through the town, with lanes following what once were paths to people's houses. There are no sidewalks and few streetlights. The town developed as a result of its natural harbor and its location on Hatteras Island.  By the early 1780s, there was a small settlement at Hatteras village located in protected wooded tracts on the sound side of the island. 

Today the Village still maintains much of the charm of her past while providing the comforts of the present as a world class cultural and vacation destination.


If you are looking for a fun filled vacation, a place to raise your family or a place to spend your retirement years then you are at the right place.  From fishing  to surfing,  water activities are unlimited.  From the solitude of strolling miles of undeveloped beaches unlike anything else in NC to enjoying small community life,  Hatteras Village is the place of your dreams. 


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Hatteras Village is located in Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  On their website they describe the area as:
A place to engage your senses.  The sound of ocean waves, the starry night sky, or the calm of the salt marshes, you can experience it all. Shaped by the forces of water, wind, and storms these islands are ever changing. The plants, wildlife, and people who live here adapt continually. Whether you are walking on the beach, kayaking on the sound, or climbing the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse there is something for everyone to explore!

Visitor's Center

First-time visitors are encouraged to visit the historic weather bureau  station where the Hatteras Visitor's Center is located.  Friendly information specialists will answer your questions and you may pick up maps and more information on the Village's lodging, dining, shopping, water sports and more.
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