Day At The Docks

A Community Heritage Celebration
Hatteras, NC


September 15 & 16, 2017

Education Tent

In our Education Tent are representatives of organizations that support the fishing industry in many ways through advocating and educating the public.

This year's participants include:


  • Sea Grant
  • National Weather Service, Newport Office (NOAA)
  • NC Coastal Federation
  • NC Agromedicine Institute - Fishermen Health Screenings  Learn more
  • Outer Banks Catch
  • NC Watermen United
  • ECU Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program - offering an additional health screening for older adult watermen



From local educational programming at various levels and topics to advocating for clean water and boating safety, to addressing skin cancer concerns and making relevant literature available to the reading public, their services are invaluable.


They all welcome the opportunity to talk about the work they perform and the successes they have had in support of fishing and seafood.

Marsh Tours:  Leaving Willis Boat Landing TBA

The North Carolina Coastal Federation will also lead a few special field programs, (tours time 11, 12, 1 & 2) exploring the marsh along Durant’s Point, just across the harbor from Oden’s Dock. Participants will embark on a short boat ride from Oden's Dock, cross the harbor and land along a fragile piece of the barrier island where the federation and other partners have worked hard to restore native wetland vegetation. This project area is defined as a living shoreline that functions to control erosion while creating estuarine habitat. Come explore with us for a better understanding of how this works and why this is important for Hatteras Village. We’ll take a closer look to identify some of the native grasses that are vital for the health of this habitat, and pull a seine net through the water to see which animals are lucky enough to call this habitat home.


Learn more about the Coastal Federation, the state's only non-profit organization that focuses exclusively on protecting and restoring the coast of North Carolina through education, advocacy and habitat preservation and restoration.

Captains Ernie Foster and Bryan Mattingly will be giving Harbor Tours aboard an Albatross boat through out the day ----stop by Foster's Quay-The Albatross Fleet to climb aboard!

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Day at the Docks

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