Day At The Docks

A Community Heritage Celebration
Hatteras, NC


September 15 & 16, 2017

Childrens Activities

Children delight in the activities that are available for them.  Events such as the Crab Races, Coast Guard Boat tours, and the Fishing contest joined with activities like making a Day at the Docks Fish-print t-shirt and Marsh Tours ensures that there is never a dull moment.

Crab Races


Pamlico Sound is rich with blue crabs, locally referred to as hard crabs.  The hard crab races are designed for little children.  Each child is assigned a crab in a lane.  When the chute opens, the cheering and gentle prodding begins as they encourage their crab to head for the finish line.  The crabs don't always cooperate and the children enjoy their antics as the crabs sometimes go every way but in the right direction.

US Coast Guard 47' Motor Lifeboat


Children and adults both enjoy touring this state of the art motor vessel that ties up at the docks for the day.  The young ones really enjoy sitting in the captain's chair and "steering" the boat.  The "coasties" also bring along their wet trainer, a device the children can climb into and learn how to repair a ship at sea.  With mallets and wedges, they react to sudden leaks while getting throughly soaked.

Fishing Contest


The highlight of the day for most children and their families is the fishing contest.  There is no entry fee, no experience is required and a simple pole is provided for those who do not bring their own gear.  The contest is judged by members of some of the women's surf fishing teams from the island.  Awards are made in a number of categories.  As many as 108 children have been known to participate.  Registration is at Jeffery's Seafood and fishing starts at 2pm.

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Day at the Docks

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