If  water activities are what you are looking for to highlight your vacation, then look no further than Hatteras Village. We have it all!  While the warmer months may offer a greater variety of activities, there is not a season when you can not find plenty to do on the water.


Hatteras Village has a year round fishing season.  In short, it is a fisherman's paradise whether you choose to fish offshore in the Gulf Stream or inshore along the beaches and sounds.

Charter Fishing

Call it what you will, charter fishing, deep sea fishing, big game fishing or sport fishing, but some of the best fishing on the east coast is found in the Gulf Stream waters just 20 miles off the coast of Hatteras Village.  Here one can expect to land tuna, sailfish, blue marlin, white marlin, dolphin, and the list goes on.  Charter boats can be found in all the marinas in the Village.   The Hatteras Village fleet also caters to fishing in Pamlico Sound one of the largest bodies of inland water in the world.

Surf Fishing

The sport of catching fish while standing or wading on the beach is a long standing past time at Hatteras. There is no easier way to get next to nature. With a rod, bait, and a fishing license that is locally available, one has all that is needed to spend an enjoyable day at the beach.  With a little skill and luck, it is not uncommon to catch enough fish to take home for a wonderful seafood dinner.

Pier Fishing

Although there are no ocean piers in the Village, there are several a few miles north.  At some you can rent all the equipment you need for a leisurely day or night of fishing.  On several of the docks in the Village and on a couple of the bridges one can bait a hook and try one's luck.

Spear Fishing

The Gulf Stream and the Labrador currents off Hatteras contribute to the diversity and abundance of marine life and many marine species have either their most southern or northern terminus here at the Diamond Shoals.  This provides for a variety of resident and pelagic species to hunt.  Our numerous shipwreck sites provide the necessary structure for the fish to congregate and the Gulf Stream brings in the big pelagic species.  The Gulf Stream edge and associated currents will also create large mats of Sargasso grass and these make an ideal location for drift hunting the deep blue water. 

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