No vacation is complete without a few side trips.  Within just a couple of hours both north and south of Hatteras Village are a number of attractions worth visiting.  Traveling south of the Village involves a ferry ride to our sister islands, Ocracoke and Portsmouth.  Attractions north of the Village are easily accessible and can satisfy a wide range of interests.

Attractions South of Hatteras Island

Ferry Ride to Ocracoke Island
Every year thousands of tourists enjoy this ferry route across Hatteras Inlet which separates Hatteras Island from Ocracoke Island.  The crossing takes about an hour to cross. The ferries can accommodate motorcycles and any size car, trailer or recreational vehicle that can operate on the highway. Special permits are available for vehicles over 65 feet.  Service is provided 365 days a year on all routes. Weather conditions, such as tides, winds and heavy rain can affect travel. 
Pets are permitted on the vessels and must be kept in the vehicle or leashed when out of the vehicle.

Departure times...Learn more

Ocracoke Island
The island of Ocracoke is one of the most remote islands of the Outer Banks, as it can only be reached by one of three public ferries (two of which are toll ferries), private boat, or private plane. Other than the village of Ocracoke, the entire island is part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore....Learn more

Ocracoke Village
The village of Ocracoke is located around a small sheltered harbor called Silver Lake, with a second smaller residential area built around a series of man-made canals called Oyster Creek. The village is located at the widest point of the island, protected from the Atlantic Ocean by sand dunes and a salt marsh. The average height of the island is less than five feet above sea level, and many of the buildings on the island are built on pilings to lift them off the ground. Flooding is a risk during both hurricanes and large storms. Ocracoke Lighthouse is situated near Silver Lake and has remained in continuous operation since 1823....Learn more

Portsmouth Island / Village
Over a century ago, Portsmouth Village was a bustling sea village. Today, the village is uninhabited and stands in stark contrast to its days filled with sounds of fishermen, children playing, lifesavers practicing rescue drills, the tinkle of livestock bells, and the call of "Mailboat!". Yet all has not been lost. These structures in the village tell a story of changing times. The echoes of the past seem to surround you here, inviting you to explore and to imagine the daily struggle against this harsh environment....Learn more

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